Clinical Research Aid (CRA) was established in June 2011 as a small company in the clinical trial-segment. The company's main focus is to aid pharmaceutical companies or Clinical Research Organizations with clinical trials such as The aim is to provide the customer with work performed at the right level of quality, at the right time.
I can provide the following services:
My experience is collected through over 10 years in major global pharmaceutical companies as Pfizer and Abbott, and large CRO as LINK Medical Research. I was recruited into the pharmaceutical industry as a monitor/CRA in April 2000. Then progressed to become a clinical research manager overseeing several clinical trials along with having personnel responsibilities for CRAs.

Experience from the following therapeutic areas:

I have a Master of Science-degree in Biology/Genetics from the University of Oslo.
Clinical Research Aid (CRA) was established 15. June 2011 by Mona Haugen Hoel.

Organization no.: 997029038

The office is located just outside Oslo, Norway.

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Clinical Research Aid
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+47 975 96 123

Clinical Research Aid